miniFriday is back for 2019! While our regular, dual-language playgroup classes are focused on a variety of activities to help your little ones become confident and independent learners, our miniFriday program are special interest classes aimed at nurturing their curiosity in a specific area.

This year, our ever popular Baby Gym is back but we are also introducing Art Jamming and Book Club to the miniFriday roster.

miniFriday courses are open for everyone but priority is given to miniDalton playgroup students first. For little ones who are not ready for our playgroup classes they can start with our Baby Gym (starting at 10months old) and prepare for playgroup!


Baby Gym  (10-24 months+)  (English only)

Baby Gym is a great way to develop your little one’s physical development. The class focuses on their agility, balancing, tumbling and hanging, giving them a complete package to their growth and development. We want parents to be involved as well! Every class we will go over a simple exercise that you can bring home and try with your little one. Little ones as young as 10months can join! Classes are split between those that are crawling and walking.


Art Jamming (12-24months+) (English and Putonghua rotation)

Unleash your child’s creativity and stimulate their curiosity with a wide variety of art activities here in miniDalton! Art jamming class offers children a cozy and safe environment where they can explore different color and textures and nurture their imagination. It also gives them a chance to develop decision making skills while manipulating different art materials. Come join our art jamming class which provides an incredible experience of making open-ended art and simple unique crafts!


Book Club  (12-24months+)  (English and Putonghua rotation)

By exploring through fun and interactive stories we can tickle our little one’s creativity and stimulate their imagination. Make belief and role playing are key games to play with your child, which can help spark their imagination in the near future. Come listen to exciting stories and play and dance along with songs and music!
Recreate the stage through reading and music at miniDalton!



1st November – 13th December, 2019
(6 classes, no class on 6th December)
(one accompanied adult per child only)



West Kowloon Campus


miniFriday 2019