Mini Dalton Playgroup is designed to support all areas of child development and offers an inclusive family environment, providing parents and care givers with strategies for learning both at school and at home.


Dalton Explorers

12-14 months

Daltons Explorers is our foundation class and provides and introduction to our Mini Dalton programme through a safe and nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to explore and become familiar with their surroundings whilst support is given to the development of both physical and cognitive skills. An important aspect of the Explorers Programme is sensory integration, through exploration and manipulation of varied and age-appropriate materials. Activities will focus on building gross motor skills and will use movement and baby massage for neurological development.


Dalton Builders

15-17 months

Dalton Builders focuses on building foundational skills and developing confidence. By stimulating and supporting curiosity, we encourage children to take their first steps to build independence. The classes focus on physical and cognitive skills through increased interaction with materials. Immersion in a bilingual learning environment at this age lays the foundations for language acquisition.


Dalton Builders +

18-20 months

Dalton Builders + supports each individual child and focuses on building independence. Classes give children opportunities to experiment with physical materials and space so that they develop an understanding of their impact on their environment. This experimentation and their development of linguistic skills enable them to build a strong sense of self.


Dalton Juniors

21-23 months

Dalton Juniors prepares and equips children with the necessary tools and skills for their kindergarten life.

This programme emphasises practical life and problem-solving skills, increases each child’s sense of independence and decreases the need for parental support. Children are supported as they learn to manage their feelings and behaviour and develop initial social skills. The bilingual context is rich as children rapidly acquire new words in both languages.


Dalton Juniors +

24 months and above

Once your child has reached 24 months they will be eligible to join our Dalton Juniors + Programme. It is designed to further support your growing child’s needs and challenge them in a range of age-appropriate activities which will help them to master the skills necessary for a Pre-K environment. The programme is conducted in a classroom setting similar to that of a Pre-K room, enabling children to become familiar with their future surroundings. Creativity, imaginative play and social development are emphasised. As children reach an age where they begin to seek out others to share their experiences, parents are encouraged to support and reassure their children in tackling obstacles, both social and cognitive, independently.


Learning through Sensory Play to explore creativity and individuality through hands - on discovery and learning expetiences

Baby Play Gym

Learning through Baby Play Gym.Babies and toddlers explore on their own and with friends their physical capabilities


Learning through  visual Art 

Bables were born to LOVE art 

Visual ART


Learning through Music and Movements.Music naturally soothers babies.makes them move and encourages them to start making different sounds .


Learning through Circle Time.A Caring Community for babies to explore , to learn, to get to
know one another and to share and reflect a they grow.

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