West Kowloon Campus
Unit C, G/F, Imperial Cullinan,
10 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon

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miniDalton Playgroup

I am not led, I lead

miniDalton Playgroup prides itself on being a personalised, fully bilingual programme designed to support the ‘whole child’. The school motto ‘I am not led, I lead’ runs through the core of the programme to support children and their introduction to the Dalton Plan, giving them the independence and confidence to grow and learn in a positive and nurturing environment.

Through five different levels, children are provided with enriching and stimulating setting in which to explore creativity and individuality through hands-on discovery and learning experiences. We understand that for children to feel comfortable in their environment they must be given opportunities to discover it. At miniDalton Playgroup, activities take place in specially designed rooms in order to facilitate children’s learning and growth. Our native Putonghua teachers, native English teachers and specialist teachers work as a team to support children’s multi disciplinary learning needs. Through different activities, children are guided in either language to give them a fully immersive experience.

miniDalton Playgroup is designed to support all areas of child development and offers an inclusive family environment, providing parents and care givers with strategies for learning both at school and at home.

Leadership Team Profile

Pinky Au

Pinky Au

Playgroup Coordinator

PGDE, Early Childhood Education
BA, Psychology (minor in Disability Studies)

Pinky graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Psychology at The Ohio State University in the United States. She first started working in the child-care centre in the States and since then, she has been working in the early childhood care and education industry for more than 10 years, which she is still passionate about working in this field. Pinky is also a qualified teacher in Hong Kong and worked in different international schools before joining miniDalton. By having experience working with families from different cultures and backgrounds has afforded her a well-rounded skill set.

As an educator, Pinky believes that education is the key of success for young children. Every child learns in different ways, she hopes to motivate children in discovering what truly inspires them and building their inner strengths and abilities. She aims to provide a creative and stimulating environment that meets the needs, interests and strengths of children.


Learning through Sensory Play to explore creativity and individuality through hands - on discovery and learning expetiences



Learning through Baby Play Gym.Babies and toddlers explore on their own and with friends their physical capabilities



Learning through  visual Art
Bables were born to LOVE art 
Visual ART



Learning through Music and Movements.Music naturally soothers babies.makes them move and encourages them to start making different sounds .



Learning through Circle Time. A Caring Community for babies to explore, to learn, to get to know one another and to share and reflect a they grow.



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