FAQ for Admissions

1) Do I have to re-enrol for the next term?
Children already in class will not need to re-enrol. Children are enrolled in our classes until a 1 month withdrawal
notice is given by the parents. Note that tuition is by term. (see miniDalton calendar for dates)
2) Does the tuition include end of term breaks and winter break?
You do not have to pay for the weeks during end of term breaks and winter break. Tuition does not take these
breaks into account.
3) When will I receive an invoice for the next payment/term?
Invoices are sent one month before the end of the term by email. We only accept cash or cheque.
4) What should I do if I want to withdraw from the playgroup?

Parents will need to give us a 1 month withdrawal notice, please collect the withdrawal form from our front desk. If their last class (according to the 1 month withdrawal notice) falls during their current term, the remaining weeks will not be refunded to you.

If students have successfully enrolled in a class and withdraw before the class commences will be charged 20% of the class fee.

5) Can I cancel the withdrawal and continue playgroup?
If the withdrawal form has been submitted and this is before their last class (according to their withdrawal date), please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel the withdrawal. One month after the withdrawal notice we will be contacting the next person on the waiting list and if your child’s spot is taken and the class is full, your child will be unable to continue with us after their withdrawal date.
6) Can I rejoin the playgroup after withdrawing?
Of course! Please contact us by email or phone if you wish to join our playgroup again. There is no need to re-submit an application. If the class is full, students will need to be on the waiting list but priority will be given to you.

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