Playgroup is the first step of your child’s academic journey and is essential for all future learning. It is not only a place where your child learns to be independent, share, and understand instructions but as a platform for children and parents/caretakers to interact in a dynamic and enriching way. Most importantly, it should be a place where your child learns to love school and learns to love learning!

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a playgroup for your child:



Teachers Attitude

Our playgroup teachers are engaging and caring, allowing children to learn and advance in their development.

At miniDalton, teachers are always happy and in good spirits. It is our teacher’s priority to have positive communication with young children. Teachers always ensure children feel safe and respected and enhance the connection between teachers and children.


Child’s preference

Choosing a playgroup that’s a good match for your child.

At miniDalton we incorporate various activities during the week to introduce children to a well-rounded, age-appropriate curriculum consisting of elements of Music, Creative Art, Sensory and Physical Development. Our classes are theme-based and specific for each week. Teachers in miniDalton try to be flexible and respect children’s preferences to promote our child-centred learning environment, as they will cater activities to meet the child’s needs.


Education method

Free playing is one of the best ways preschoolers learn and develop social competence.

Play stimulates brain growth and enhances early development. At miniDalton, in addition to structured free play sessions, we encourage children to explore and engage all their senses through messy play. Here, children are given much freedom and encouraged to try different materials for different results.


Sensory Development

Playgroups offer opportunities for children to know the world through their five senses.

 While children investigate and explore different objects, they connect and understand the world through their senses. Our aim of sensory activities is to support children’s cognitive development and motivate them to be curious explorers.



The physical areas of interaction should be clean, safe and child-friendly.

miniDalton emphasizes providing a safe and nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to explore and become comfortable with their surroundings. Our spacious classroom settings also allow children to explore and move around freely and stimulate their imagination and creativity.


Student Teacher Ratio

An appropriate student-teacher ratio helps ensure every child receives more one-on-one time and attention.

At miniDalton our class sizes are no more than 10-12 per classroom, allowing better attention to the child’s social and emotional needs. Teachers are flexible and acknowledge each child is unique with different backgrounds when creating relationships with each child.


Preparing for next step

Attend a playgroup to prepare and equip children with the necessary tools and skills for their Kindergarten life.

The program is designed to further support your growing child by assisting them in easing into a classroom setting. Priority for admission to Little Dalton Kindergarten is given to miniDalton Playgroup students who have attended at least two terms in their current playgroup year.

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